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Manufacturing Tips for Making Stainless Steel
By: Mark Long

Since it was created, stainless steel and that includes stainless steel Brisbane has been recommended for its far-reaching yet practical uses, in architecture, the kitchen, the home, and in industry. It is known for a high resistance to corrosion, making it low maintenance. Its remarkable ability to withstand high temperatures and extremely low ones, and high pressure, and still be flexible makes stainless steel the perfect material for lasting, highly used products. Once its useful life has run out, this material is easy to recycle and has a high scrap value. Now that we know a little about what stainless steel and stainless steel Brisbane actually is, here are some manufacturing tips for making stainless steel:


Stainless steel owes its unique properties to chromium metal. Alone stainless steel is a low carbon steel, but because it includes at least ten percent chromium in its composition, it becomes stainless steel. What happens to make this reaction occur is that the chromium oxide forms a film which cannot be seen by the naked eye on the surface of the steel, which is flexible and self-healing in the presence of oxygen.

Stainless steel itself is made in an electric arc furnace at a very high temperature. This step usually takes 8 to 12 hours. Carbon electrodes that are positioned to make contact with scraps of steel shoot currents through them. And it doesn't have to be just a straight mixture of chromium either. Other elements can be added to strengthen the steel, including nickel, nitrogen, and molybdenum.


Once the melting point is reached, the steel scraps and alloys start intermixing until one homogenous metal fusion is achieved. The entire mass is then transferred to an argon oxygen decarbonization (AOD) vessel where deoxygenization takes place. After that step is completed, casting or forging can be done. Because it is so flexible, the metal can be manipulated into a variety of shapes and forms, or drawn into wires, and thus can be used for many steel supplies.

As a finishing touch, an electro chemical process can treat the steel into different colors, some of them being gold, bronze, green, blue, and black. Another option is dipping the product in an acid bath, which eliminates any scaling on the stainless steel for a more polished appearance and makes it easy to be cleaned after use.

With improvements in the process, superaustenitic stainless steels (with nitrogen contents up to 0.5 percent) are being developed. These steels are used as steel supplies in sea water and offshore platforms, and other instances where there is a highly corrosive application.


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Manufacturing Tips for Making Stainless Steel
By: Mark Long
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